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3rd Hand Axle Locker Tool. If you have noticed, 
as you are torquing down the axle nut after you set 
the proper belt tension, (Deflection) the welded axle 
nut will move to the low side of adjuster cam. This 
movement will allow the belt to lose adjustment.
3rd Hand Axle Tool, you will not need to find 
a helper to hold the nut or yourself having to reach 
around the tire and hold the nut from moving. Just 
place this tool over the welded nut on left side with 
the neck portion of tool resting over the swing arm. 
Hand screw the adjusting screw to take up any slack 
in tool. Torque the axle nut from right side knowing 
that the welded nut will not turn allowing the belt to 
lose it’s adjustment.
VT No. 16-0333
Axle lock tool. This tool holds the axle in place and 
prevents movement of adjustment while you torque the 
rear axle on 2002 and up FLT
Rear Swing Arm Section 
Bearing Remover/Installer
for use on 1986-99 FXST-
FLST models.
VT No. 16-0688
Jims Powertrain Alignment Tool 
aligns powertrain to proper position 
safely and easily on most touring 
models. Performing alignment ser-
vice must be done when engine, 
transmission or swing arm has been repaired or 
removed. This tool helps to provide the accurate align-
ment necessary for handling safety and performance. 
For 1993-97 FLHT; FLHR; FLHX and FLTR.
VT No. 16-1365
5 or 6-Speed Swing Arm Tools cleve block spread-
ing tool facilitates installation of swing arms on rubber 
mount models. Swing arm assembly tool removes and 
installs swing arm pivot components.
VT No.  OEM 
16-1733  33805 
Spreading Tool  All
16-1734  96200-80  Assembly Tool  1980-01
Assembly Tool  2002-up
Hollow Axle Plug Tool will give the 
correct center point required for safe 
vehicle alignment. Lube the o-ring ends 
of these tools and insert in left and 
right ends of axle on Dynaglide and XL 
models. Use on all 2008-17 Dynaglide 
and XL models.
VT No.  
16-0332 Sifton
Jims Rear Axle Nut Torque Adapter for 2006-up FL 
Touring models. This tool is designed with a 1/2” drive 
receiver hole for inserting your torque wrench thus 
letting you torque the axle nut from an offset position. 
Removal of muffler is not required for use of this tool.
VT No 16-1906 
Shock Tool 
for use with ³⁄₈” 
ratchet drive. 
Fits 1989-up 
VT No. 16-0917
Shock Absorber Tool. Replaces 
97010-52A to simplify shock 
absorber disassembly or assembly 
by holding spring in compression 
while disassembling parts. Includes 
97019-52A block.
VT No. 
16-0079 Tool
Bolt for Above
Shock Tool Set is a five piece set of each of the numbers listed below. 
VT No.  # 
16-0136  A-E Complete  Set
16-0101  B  94820-75  1975-78 XL’s Gabriel
16-0409  C  94409-78  1979-up Sportster
94448-82  1979-up FXR-FLT
16-0408  A  94408-78  1982-up FL-FLH
94444-82  1982-up FX-FXE
16-0100  D  94700-65  1952-74 Sportster
1958-81 FL-FX Scissor Type
16-0748  E  94555-89  1989-up FXST-FLST
16-0954  F 
94448-82A  1989-up ST, 1979-up XL-FXR
Shock Tools
Rear Sprocket Rivet Tool.  
hold sprocket in place to install 
rivets by a hammer or press.
This is a 5 piece set. Rivets are 
not included. Fits 1930-48 U, 
1957-78 XL, 1947-72 FL.
VT No 16-1267
Rivet Set will cap head of solid steel 
rivets for ³⁄₈” round head size. 
VT No. 16-0709
Sprocket Rivet Tool Set includes one 
rivet set for heading rivet and one dowel 
punch to align the rivet, so the sprocket 
and drum shell fit tightly together. Fits 
VT No. 16-0337
Rear Sprocket Tool
FLT Rear Axle Nut Ratchet Wrench for 
36mm axle nut. Low profile design allows 
access to rear axle nut without removal of 
exhaust system.
VT No. 16-9636
Jims Axle Installation Guide for 2008-up mod-
els with either a 1" or 25 mm hollow axle. Aids in 
aligning wheel with swingarm and brake caliper 
during assembly.
VT No. 16-1195