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5-Speed Transmission Door Remover and Installer 
removes and replaces the door bearings Saves time 
as the complete transmission does not have to be 
dismounted allowing the mainshaft and countershaft 
clusters to remain in place for use when installing 
5-Speed kicker kit.
VT No. 
V-Twin Door Remover and Installer 
Jims Installer Only
Bearing Remover/Installer
Big Twin Mainshaft Primary Bearing Race 
Remover and Installer
 for use on all 1984-up Big 
Twins, replaces 34902. 
VT No.  
16-0877 Jims
Replacement Parts for Above Tools.
VT No. 
Puller Plate
Pusher Tube
Jims 5-Speed Transmission Main Drive Gear 
Use 16-0994 to remove and install main drive 
gear and install main bearing. Can be used without 
removing transmission case. Use on all 5 or 6-Speed 
1980-up Big Twins.
VT No. 16-0994 
5 & 6 Speed Transmission Tool
Jims Main Drive Gear Installer Tool. This tool will 
hold the main drive gear square to its bearing bore 
for proper main drive gear installation. Use on 2006-
17 Dynaglide and 2007-up FXST-FLT models.
VT No. 16-1350
Jims Right Side Drive Transmission 
Trap Door Puller Tool. 
Removes access 
door on all right side drive transmissions.
VT No. 16-1356
5-Speed Main Drive Gear Seal Installer 
 seal to proper depth with transmis-
sion assembled. By Jims. 
VT No. 16-0664
Countershaft Support Plate Tool 
fits 1991-up 5-speed Sportster.
VT No. 16-1756
Jims Transmission Countershaft Bearing Tool 
will install and remove the closed end countershaft 
bearing on 5 and 6 speed Big Twin transmissions 
without using a press or tapping with a transmission 
shaft. Fits 1984-up FXST, 1986-up FLST, 1984-94 
FXR,1999-up FLT. 
VT No. 16-1883
Cruise Drive 6-Speed Maindrive Gear Remover 
 removes the main drive gear from the main bear-
ing correctly while in the transmission case. This elim-
inates the need of an arbor press and the risk of case 
damage. For use on all Twin Cam 6-Speed Cruise 
Drive models and all 2006 Dynaglide and all 2007 to 
present Twin Cam models.
VT No. 16-2130
Cruise Drive 6-Speed Maindrive Gear and Bearing 
Remover/Installer Kit
 for servicing the main drive 
gear or the main bearing on the latest 6-Speed trans-
mission. This precision tool removes or installs both 
parts correctly without damaging the case. Use on 
all Twin Cam 6-Speed Cruise Drive models, 2006 
Dynaglide and all 2007-up Twin Cam models.
VT No. 16-2131
Cruise Drive 6-Speed Trap Door Bearing Remover/
will accurately install a lubed ball bearing 
into the transmission trap door. Also removes bearing 
without error and can be performed on a work bench, 
no need for an arbor press. Use on all Twin Cam 
6-Speed cruise drive models, 2006 Dynaglide and all 
2007-up Twin Cam models.
VT No. 16-2132
Main Drive Gear Seal Installer allows instal-
lation of main drive gear oil seal on assem-
bled transmission to proper depth. The pro-
tective sleeve included is used for protecting 
inner bearings of main drive for installation. 
For 2006-up FXD and 2007-up FLST.
VT No. 16-1363
Jims Transmission Assembly Vise Stand assists in 
the assembly of transmission gears and shafts. This 
tool holds the shafts in perfect alignment while protect-
ing them from damage. Use on all 2006-up 6-speed 
VT No. 16-1029
Jims Main Drive Gear Case Seal Installer ensures 
correct alignment and installs seal to the correct depth 
without damaging seal. Fits 1986-2006 FLST, FXST, 
1991-2005 FXD, 1985-2005 FLT.
VT No. 16-1028
Jims M-8 Countershaft 1st Scissor Gear Align-
ment Tool 
ensures that the scissor gear teeth mesh 
correctly with the mainshaft 1st fear. For M-8 models. 
*Note: it is installed before the scissor gear is re-
moved to maintain alignment of the gear halves under 
spring pressure. 
VT No. 16-1190
Jims M-8 Shifter Mechanism Sleeve Remover and 
Installer i
s for removing and installing the shifter 
mechanism sleeve in M8 transmissions. The sleeve 
can be removed and installed correctly without disas-
sembling the transmission.
VT No. 16-1191
Speedometer Sending Unit Wrench features a short-
ened ³⁄₁₆” ball end hex bit for removal or installation of 
hex screw used on all Big Twin models. Equipped with 
electronic sending units. 
VT No. 16-6738