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Jim Piston Ring End Gap Tool makes 
measuring ring end gap faster, more 
accurate and eliminates guess work. 
The flanged design that allows the 
piston ring to fit squarely in the cylinder 
bore every time. This is the first tool 
that is designed to test oil ring gaps by 
propriety cutout feature. Just install any 
ring, top, 2nd, or oil  control rails on the 
tool. Install tool into a cylinder bore and 
then view the ring end gap in the “Key 
Slot”. Use a feeler gauge to get your 
end gap measurement. Each side of the 
tool is made for checking standard size 
piston rings. Fits Twin Cam standard 
size pistons for 95”, 103” or 110” with 
3.875” or 4.00” bore.
VT No. 16-3200
Piston Ring Installer 
VT No. 16-0628
S&S Evolution Cylinder Torque Plate Kit simulates 
stress conditions when boring and honing Evolution 
Cylinders. Machined from chrome moly steel, fits all Big 
Twin 1340 and Sportster 883-1100-1200 cylinder, and 
3⁵⁄₈ S&S cylinder.
VT No. 16-0928
Piston Ring 
Compressor Kit.
VT No. 16-0622
Cylinder Wall Flex Hone features silicone carbide 
globules which allow the deglazing of cylinders 3” to 
4¹⁄₄” when powered by a ³⁄₈” or larger drill,180 Grit. 
VT No.  
16-0576 4”
3⁵⁄₈” - 3³⁄₄”
3⁷⁄₁₆” - 3¹⁄₂”
3” - 3³⁄₁₆”
Cylinder Hold Down Nuts are used to hold down 
cylinders during service. Allows motor to be turned 
over with heads off. Use on all Twin Cam and 
Evolution and M-8 Twins.
VT No.  
Evolution and Twin Cam
16-1186 M-8
Jims Piston Support 
 provides a non-mar-
ring flat support to push 
the bottom of the piston 
as rings and cylinder are 
installed over piston.
VT No. 16-1164
Jims Evolution Case Cylinder Spigot Bore Tool 
allows boring of cylinder spigot hole, up to 3.8125” by 
utilizing the stock cylinder stud holes. Use on all 1984-
99 style Evolution crankcases. 
VT No. 16-1409
VT No.
Tube Installed
VT No.
Jims Twin Cam 
Cylinder Torque Plates 
lasered with correct 
torquing sequence for 
TC-88 and TC-96 OEM 
VT No. 16-1287
Piston Ring Groove 
VT No. 16-0619
Cylinder Head and Crankcase Boring Fixture 
designed to simplify and reduce the time required to 
prepare the crankcase and cylinder heads for big bore 
kit installations. The boring plate is made of cast iron 
and is precision ground and machined with Panhead 
and Shovelhead head bolt patterns in one end. The 
other end has been finished with the cylinder base 
patterns of Knuckleheads, Panheads, Shovelheads 
and V2 Sportsters and Big Twins. When adapted 
to boring bar it is possible to bolt the crankcases or 
heads to the plate and perform the boring modifica-
tions necessary for 3⁵⁄₈” bore cylinders. V2s require 
use of spacers because of the extreme length of the 
cylinder and head spacer, part VT No. 16-1868. Big 
Twin V2’s with male style studs require on spacer VT 
No. 16-1868 and one spacer VT No. 16-1869.  
Note: Big Twins V2’s with female type studs must be 
changed to the male type of studs, when installing a 
VT No. 
Boring Plate with screws 
16-1868 3¹¹⁄₁₆” Spacer 
” Spacer
Jims M-8 Cylinder Torque Plates. Aluminum cyl-
inders cannot be accurately honed and measured 
without the use of torque plates. The Jims Torque 
Plate kit for use on Milwaukee-Eight ® cylinders will 
simulate operating stress conditions when boring or 
honing cylinders. These plates adapt easily to con-
ventional boring bars or Sunnen honing machine, 
and do not require the removal of ring dowels. Use 
on 2017-up Milwaukee Eight® engine
VT No. 16-1201
Piston Ring Grinder 
VT No. 16-0976
Evolution Cylinder Tools allow installation of stud to 
correct height or removal by locking to stud.
VT No. 
Assembly Tool
Extracting Tool
Cylinder De-Glazer feature spring action on the 
stones keep the stones against the cylinder wall at 
the correct pressure. Capacity 2” to 5¹⁄₂”.
VT No. 16-0610
Evolution Cylinder Oil Passage Drain 
 for stock bore size cylinders 
only. Each kit is supplied with tap, hex 
wrench two drain tubes and instruc-
VT No.   Item
16-0912  Pair Replacement Tubes only
Replica 5/8" Cylinder Base Wrench Tool
VT No. 16-0107