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Alternator Repair
Moto Shop Alternator Sealing Ring Replacement 
. Ship in 1970-up left hand case with dam-
aged O-Ring lip and we will machine out and replace 
with new steel sealing ring. 
VT No. 60-0164
Big Twin 
Alternator Rotor 
 uses  the 
two threaded holes 
in rotor to allow 
removal of rotor.
VT No. 16-0693
Alternator Repair Ring Only.
VT No.
Sprocket Shaft Seal Installer use this kit to install 
sprocket shaft seal to proper depth, and for holding 
the seal perfectly square, for a no leak fit. Driver sold 
separately, order 16-0664. 
VT No. 
1995-up Sportster and Buell®
Driver Set
Sprocket Shaft Bearing Removal and Installation 
Removes and installs engine sprocket shaft 
bearings from crankcase. Use with 33416 driver han-
dle. Replaces 94547-80. 2 part set, 4 halves. Use on 
1955-98 Big Twins and 1957-03 XL.
VT No. 
2 Part Set
16-0065 Driver
Sprocket Shaft Bearing 
& Seal Installation Tool 
 upgrades Jims 
bearing installer tool (VT 
No. 16-1353) for work on 
fine-splined Twin Cam 
sprocket shafts. Allows 
for installation of Timken 
bearing (OEM# 8028) & 
roller bearing race assembly 
(OEM#24004-03) onto the 
sprocket shaft. For 2007 all 
2007-16 Big Twin.
VT No. 16-1364
1990-98 Big 
Twin Snap Ring 
remove the Timken 
Bearing outer race 
snap ring without 
damage to the 
VT No. 16-0705
Sprocket Shaft Timken Bearing Installer Tool.
VT No.  Jims 
16-0140  16-1836  97225-55  1955-up Big Twin
16-1837  97081-54  1954-76 XL
16-1760*  2.500 Long 1977-03 XL
16-1761*  2.060 Long 1977-03 XL
*Note: Sold separately for 1977-up use with 16-0149 
and 16-1837.
Bearing Race Press Plug is used to remove and 
install Timken bearing outer race.
VT No.  Fits
  1955-98 Big Twin, (97194-57)
16-0045  1957-76 XL
16-0046  1977-03 XL
Twin Cam Timken® Case Bearing Conversion Tool is a must for the big cubic inch late model Twin Cam 88” or 96” engine. 
Utilizing the special Jims precision insert, it is designed to easily and accurately convert the left side crank roller bearing (OEM# 
24604-00D) to the more durable Timken Bearing (OEM# 9028). This insert is manufactured from aerospace quality steel that is 
several times stronger than the aluminum case material the standard bearing rides in. The tool includes: 
•  A new steel bearing insert held under .002” TIR (total indicator reading).
•  A press plate that will hold the bearing insert in line with the case bearing bore at the time it is being pressed into case.
•  All the necessary drill bits to drill oil feed and return holes, hardware and detailed instructions.
This job can be performed with normal hand tools , a hand drill and a 2 ton press.
Use on Twin Cam engines 2003 to the 2016. Must also use existing Jims Tool (16-0668) for race installation. Order bearing 
inserts and Timken bearings separately.
VT No.  
Motor Shop Service to Machining Crankcase for above Insert requires work order number contact service dept
Jims Timken Bearing 
Race Installer
 is used to 
press race in straight in 
left crank case for 1969-98 
Big Twin,1977-03 XL’s.
VT No. 16-0668
Jims Main Bearing Remover and Installer for 2017-up M-8 
Big Twins removes left or right main bearing without damaging 
the case. Also provides correct alignment and depth during 
assembly. Fits 2017-up FLT, 2018-up FLST, FXST.
VT No. 16-1182
Jims M-8 Left Main Seal Removal Tool. The 
Milwaukee Eight has a new crankshaft oil seal 
that is difficult to remove without potentially 
damaging the crankcase bore. The tool is 
designed to do the job with no chance of dam-
age to the case. Simply insert the removal fin-
gers over the engine output shaft, and then slide 
the lock collar over the fingers. Once assem-
bled, you can easily remove the seal square to 
the core by simply turning the wrench. Use on 
the new Milwaukee Eight engine, 2017-up. 
VT No. 16-1200
Left Side Case Repair Ring for Twin Cam 
engines at inner primary. 
VT No. 16-0562
Jims M-8 Alternator Rotor Remover and Installer 
for M-8 engines 2017-up FLT, 2018-up FLST, FXST. 
This tool will easily remove the high output rotor without 
damage to the magnets.
VT No. 16-1183
Big Twin Alternator Rotor Puller 
uses the sprocket shaft end to 
center and the two threaded holes 
in rotor to allow removal of rotor.
For use on all 1997-06 FLT with 45 
amp charging system. Can also be 
used on 1997-06 FXST, FLST and 
FXD that have been graded to 45 
amp charging system
VT No. 16-1054