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Factory Type Crank Truing Machine features cast 
iron construction. Designed to true stock style fly-
wheels. 10” swing right side, 6” swing left side, 18” 
maximum center to center. Weighs over 80 pounds. 
Shipped truck only. Order 16-0071 roller stanchions 
separately. For fork tubes straightness check roller 
VT No.  Item
16-0071  Roller Stanchions
16-1703  Hand Wheel
Crank Assembly Removal Tool is used to press 
flywheels from cases, press cases apart and break 
sealant bond, for 1955-up Big Twin, by Jims.
VT No. 16-1839  1955-05
VT No. 16-1354  2006-17
Flywheel Nut Sockets feature a low profile of 1” tall 
to give 100% nut contact, machined flat at nut receiv-
ing end to eliminate rounding off the nut, by Jims.
VT No. 
Nut OEM  Fits 
  23966-54A  1954-81 Big Twin  1/2” 
16-1810  23969-83  1983-up Big Twin  1/2”
16-1813  23901-81  1981-up XL 
  24017-80  1972-up Big Twin  3/4”
Flywheel Tool
Sprocket Shaft/Flywheel 
 used to hold flywheel 
assembly in vise with or without 
left case attached. Can also be 
used to check case clearance 
on stroker flywheels. Use on all 
TC-88, 2006-17 FXD, 2007-16 
FLT and 2007-17 FXST.
VT No. 16-0326
Flywheel Truing Tool to fine tune flywheel assemblies 
when truing. This tool features both a flywheel expand-
er, and contractor in one easy to use package. Use on 
all tapered shaft flywheel assemblies.
VT No. 16-0325
Flywheel Spreader Tool 
spreads wheels while truing 
for Big Twins and XL’s.
VT No. 16-0517
Flywheel Truing Hammer 
is a three pound lead/steel  
that lasts longer than a lead 
hammer and is still soft 
enough so that it will not 
mar flywheels.
VT No. 16-1020
1930-54 Big Twin Flywheel End 
Play Gauge.
VT No. 16-0131
Jims Flywheel 
Runout Inspection 
allows engine 
builder to check fly-
wheel runout of the 
pinion shaft while 
assembled in engine 
case. Also allows the checking of gear lash on gear 
driven cams on Twin Cam engines. Gauge fits 1970-
84 FL, 1971-84 FX, 1984-up FXST, 1986-up FLST, 
1991-up FXD, 1979-up FLT, 1982-94 FXR.
VT No. 16-0383
Outer Balancer Bearing Installer 
and Remover Tool 
removes and 
installs the outboard balancer 
bearing on the 96” and 110” “B” 
Softail engines 2000-17 chain guide 
support plate.
VT No. 16-1376
Balancer Shaft Removal Tool 
designed to remove both front 
and rear counter-balancer shaft 
bearing assembly, from the left 
engine case on the 96” and 
110” Beta engines, 2007-17.
VT No. 16-1374
Balancing Shaft and Bearing 
Installer Tool 
designed to align 
and safely install a new balancer 
bearing and counter balancer shaft 
into the Twin Cam 96” or 110” “B” 
Softail engine case 2000-17. For 
removal of balancer shaft from the 
engine case use Jims tool No. 960.
VT No. 16-1377
Balancer Shaft Retention Pin use this 
tool to secure the engine balancers on 
Twin Cam engines when servicing fly-
wheel assembly. This tool locks into the 
balancers sprocket pin holes to prevent 
the balancer from turning out of sync with 
flywheel. Use on 2000-17.
VT No. 16-1163
Balance Tool
Jims Balancer Scissor Gear 
Alignment Screw 
holds the 
two halves of the spring bal-
ancer gear in alignment before 
removal for easy installation. 
Use on 2017-up M-8 engines.
VT No. 16-1181
Jims Beta Engine 
Hydraulic Balancer 
Retainer Tool 
use these 
retainers to hold the 
hydraulic tensioners in 
place when repairing 
all Beta engines. The 
hydraulic tensioners are 
used to keep constant chain tension on the counter 
balancer system. Without the use of these retaining 
tools you will not be able to remove or install the 
balancing system. Use on all Beta Twin Cam engines 
VT No. 16-1858
Balancer Shaft Bearing 
Service Tool
 use to remove 
and install bearing fits 2000-
17 Twin Cam Engines.
VT No. 16-1915
Jims Flywheel Locking and Decommissioned Tool 
locks the flywheel in place making service procedures 
easier. This tool is very visible and useful to designate 
a bike as decommissioned. The bike will not start and 
clutch must be engaged in order to move bike when 
this tool is installed. Use on all Twin Cams 1999-up 
and 2017-up M-8 models.
VT No. 
Twin Cam
Jims Outer Balancer 
Bearing Installer and 
Remover Tool. 
This tool 
removes and installs the 
outboard balancer bearing 
on 96” and 110” “B” Softail 
engines 2007-17.
VT No. 16-0324
Jims M-8 Balancer Bearing Remover Tool is for 
use on 2017-up FLT and 2018-up FXST models. The 
M-8 engine design incorporates balancers to reduce 
engine vibration. This tool can remove the balancer 
bearings both Touring and Softail models without 
damage to the crankcase.
VT No. 16-5832