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Precision Case Boring Service. 
V-Twin Motor Shop will use a vertical mill to enlarge the cylinder hole or head chamber to accept Big Bore Spigot barrels.
• Ship cases to V-Twin with a turn around time of 15 days.
VT No.   Type
60-0171  Heads
Case Boring
Brake Drum Sprocket 
Replacement Service 
for 1930-
72 Big Twins, 1952-78 Sportster 
and 1935-52 45” Solo models. 
Send in your old brake drum 
and we will install new sprocket, 
splash or dust ring correctly with 
hot riveting as original. All drums 
inspected for suitability and cus-
tomer notified if not serviceable. 
Work order number required 
before sending in. Contact Motor 
Shop Service Department prior to 
shipping your drum in.
VT No. 60-0259
Alternator Sealing Ring Service
Motor Shop Alternator Sealing Ring 
Replacement Service
. Ship in 1970-up 
left hand case with damaged O-Ring lip 
and we will machine out and replace with 
new steel sealing ring.
VT No. 60-0164
Big Twin Alternator Rotor Puller uses 
the two threaded holes in rotor to allow 
removal of rotor.
VT No. 16-0693
Alternator Repair Ring Only.
VT No.
Left Side Case Repair 
for Twin Cam 
engines at inner primary. 
VT No. 16-0562
Jims M-8 Alternator Rotor Remover 
and Installer
 for M-8 engines 2017-up 
FLT, 2018-up FLST, FXST. This tool will 
easily remove the high output rotor with-
out damage to the magnets.
VT No. 16-1183
Use on 1971-84 FL, FX, 1979-96 FLT, 1984-94 FXR, 
1984-06 FXST, 1986-06 FLST, 1991-06 FXD
Linkert Machining Services. Machine shop services done on 
Linkert carb bodies. Float bowl restoration.
VT No. 60-0195
Throttle Bore Truing 
allows installation of 
oversize throttle door. 
Body will be machined 
to fit correct oversize 
VT No. 60-0345
Throttle Bore Honing Service removes minor imperfections 
for a smooth carb bore.
VT No. 60-0122
Big Twin Alternator Rotor Puller uses 
the sprocket shaft end to center and 
the two threaded holes in rotor to allow 
removal of rotor.For use on all 1997-06 
FLT with 45 amp charging system. Can 
also be used on 1997-06 FXST, FLST 
and FXD that have been graded to 45 
amp charging system
VT No. 16-1054
V-Twin Motor Service 
Patch Set. 
VT No. 48-1889