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Module for XL
Self Learning Module by Accel. 
Automatic recalibration-optimizing modifi-
cations gains expected from performance 
exhausts, air cleaners and camshafts. 
Easy direct plug-in connections to factory 
throttle position, crank shaft position, and 
oxygen sensors. Self learning-module 
seamlessly compensates for changing loads, weather conditions and 
altitude while you ride; no need for dyno tuning sessions or download-
ing new calibration maps to a laptop computer. ACCEL No. SLM03 
07-11 Sportster utilizes factory installed O2 sensors 
VT No. 32-1702
yna Tek FI Controller is a plug mod-
ule that offer 3 user selectable base fuel 
curves that are designed to improve 
engine operation and can be modified 
to suit a wide variety of modifications. 
Fuel mixture can be enriched or leaned 
as required. The Dyna FI controller uses 
the factory connectors for easy instal-
lation and there is no PC required for 
tuning or adjusting the fuel curves. There 
are no modifications required to the stock ECU and removing the Dyna 
FI controller returns the vehicle to the factory configuration.
VT No. 
2007-09 XL 883
2007-09 XL 1200
Dyna 2000 Ignition Modules for 2000-up Sportster models feature 
programmable advance curves, rev limiter and LED diagnostic lamp 
for easy static timing. Plugs into stock harness and bolts to stock 
module location.
VT No.  Fits
  2004-07 with carburetor
32-1067  2007-13 883 with EFI
32-1068  2007-13 1200 with EFI
Power Commander III Engine Management 
is for fuel injected models and allows 
for both fuel and ignition adjustments. The 
Power Commander includes a link cable and 
software package which allows you to fully 
map the fuel ignition curves on a computer. 
If a computer is not available, the fuel curves 
can be adjusted by using three touch buttons 
on the face plate. This unit includes a specific 
map, designed to improve performance over 
stock. Fits 2007-2008 XL 883, EFI model. 
VT No. 32-3029
Power Commander V features 2 position map switching function, gear and ana-
log input. Power commander also allows each cylinder to be mapped individually 
and for each gear. This has 10 throttle position columns, and enhanced accel 
pump utility. Unit has a -100/+250 percent fuel change range and is compatible 
with 2009 and newer models.
VT No. 
2014-up 883
2014-up 1200
S&S Spark Technology Ignition System Installation Kit
32-7806 2004-up
Important Note:
 Some items on this page may be emission-related parts subject to California or other emission control laws. Please 
see note for important information regarding emission control regulatory compliance and warranty information.
Power Commander V Fuel and Ignition Timing Control for each cylinder in a new 
smaller enclosure. Rev Xtend feature increases stock rev limiter. Switch between 
two maps “on the fly” maps can be adjusted on a “per gear” basis. Allows for one 
map per cylinder per gear if required. Adjustment of fuel and timing based on engine 
temperature is provided by the cold start feature. Will power up with USB cable only 
for programming. Note: not legal for use on pollution controlled vehicle
VT No. 
2007-2009 XL 883
2007-2009 XL 1200
2010-12 XL 883
2010-12 XL 1200
2013 XL 883
Daytona Twin Tec TCFI Gen 5 Auto Tune Fuel Injection 
 is fully programmable plug in replacement for the 36 pin 
controller with CAN data bus.
• Continuously auto-tunes fuel curves for front and rear cylinders 
under actual riding conditions with WEGO IIID dual channel wide-
band oxygen sensor interface.
• Robust alpha-N (throttle position and RPM based fuel control elimi-
nates problems with long duration/high overlap camshafts.
• Extended data logging and diagnostics. 
• Powerful Windows software for custom programming and extending 
data logging and diagnostics.
• Idle air control including idle RPM and cold start characteristics are 
fully programmable. 
• Includes TCFI Gen 5 fuel injection controller, USB interface for PC 
link, WEGO IIId dual channel wide-band exhaust gas oxygen sensor 
interface, two Bosch LSU 4.2 wide-band exhaust gas oxygen sensors, 
and two 18 x 1.5mm weld nuts for the exhaust pipe. 
Fits 2014-up XL. 
VT No. 32-3051
Daytona Twin Tec TCFI Gen 4 Auto 
Tune Fuel Injection Controller
 is fully 
programmable plug in replacement for the 
36 pin Delphi controller with J1850 data 
• Quickly auto-tune fuel curves for front 
and rear cylinder on a dyno or on-road 
with new WEGO IID dual channel wide 
band oxygen sensor interface.
• Powerful Windows software for custom 
programming and data analysis
• Full support J1850 data bus used for communications with turn signal/security 
module (TSM/TSSM) and instrument cluster
• Programmable user input and output.
• Easy plug-in installation
• Supports all sensors including theft/security module
Includes TCFI Gen 4 plug-in fuel injection controller with billet aluminum housing 
with black finish, dual channel wide band exhaust gas oxygen sensor interface, two 
Bosch LSU 4.2 wide band exhaust gas oxygen sensors, and two 18 x 1.5mm weld 
nuts for exhaust pipes. 
*Note: Not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehi-
cles. Fits 2007-13 Sportster. 
VT No. 32-7401
Dynatek Fusion EFI Ignition Module
VT No. 
Sportster  Year
32-1178 883 
32-1179 883 
32-1180 1200 
32-1181 1200 
32-1182 1200 
Daytona Twin Tec External Ignition 
 for 1971-98 Sportster models. 
VT No. 32-1036