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Ignition Sensor Plate Assembly.
VT No.   OEM 
32-9020  32400-80A 1980-94 XL
32-0519  32400-94  1995-97 XL
Crane H1-4N Multi Function 
Performance Ignition Kit 
includes ignition, single fire coil, 
and 8.5mm double silicone spark plug wires.The HI-4N ignition 
has a one piece machined aluminum housing which reduces 
the vibration and improves dissipation and reliability. Ignition is 
equipped with a single and dual fire function which is built into 
a single module. Allows easy mode, advance rate, and rev limit 
adjustments. Initial timing marks allow adjustment and reinstal-
lation. Sensor covers are integrated into the housing to provide 
protection during installation. This is improved kickstart algorithm 
designed to start easily, and with 
a flexible wiring harness it makes 
installation easier. 
VT No.  Item
32-1731 HI-4N Ignition
32-1732 HI-4N Kit
Twin Tec Internal Ignition for 1970-99 
Big Twin models and 1971-1997 XL.
advance curve families with adjustable 
advance slope accommodate stock to highly 
modified engines. Digitally set RPM Limit (100 
RPM Steps). Selectable single or dual fire 
mode. Coil outputs protected against short cir-
cuits. Optional PC link cable and software for 
programming custom advance curve
VT No.   Item
32-3053 As Above ARB E.O. No. D-641-1
32-2013 3.0 Ohm Single Fire Coil
Daytona Twin Tec 
Internal Ignition Kit
for 1971-97 Sportster 
models. Kit includes 
ignition, coil and 
spark plug wire set.
VT No. 32-3015
Daytona Twin Tec Internal Ignition Kit for 1998-03 Sportster 
models (except 1200S). Kit includes matching Deutsch plug 
and harness for single fire conversion, coil and spark plug wire 
VT No.  Item
Ignition Kit
Above ARB E.O. No. D-641-1 & D-641-2
Daytona Twin Tec External 
Ignition Kits
 include module, coil 
and spark plug wire set.
VT No.   Fits
1990-93 Sportster
32-3018  1994-99 Sportster
Sensor Cup Kit includes special screw to fit all 
“Sensor” type ignition kits. Fits 1995-99.
VT No. 32-9124
Daytona Twin Tec External Single Fire Ignition Conversion 
includes 50 state street legal selectable ignition module, 
sensor plate, rotor cup and adapter harness that allows use of 
tachometer and single fire coil. Allows use of external ignition 
on all 1970-1999 carbureted only Big Twins and 1971-2003 XL 
models. Helps prevent heat related ignition failures by replacing 
heat sensitive internal nose-cone style ignitions. Also available 
as complete kit with correct 3.0 ohm single fire coil and plug 
wire set.
VT No.  Item
 Conversion Kit
32-3048 Complete Conversion Kit with Coil and Wires
Important Note:
 Some items on this page may be emission-related parts subject to California or other emission control laws. Please 
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Replacement Ignition Modules bolt-on replacements. 
Harness 32-9014 required as noted.
VT No.   OEM  
32-2218  32466-95A  1995-97 XLH 883
Compu-Fire Plug In Performance Ignition 
features programmable advance curve, 
RPM limit, Single Fire or Dual Fire operation, Accu-
Ray Timing light which simplifies installation and two 
selectable levels of VOES control. Fits 1996-97 8 pin Deutsch 
Note: Each module has two pigtails and plug connector. 
White lead goes to tach, red lead goes to the second coil for 
single fire operation.
VT No. 32-2503 
Twin Tec External Ignition for 2004-06 Carbureted XL 
 Wide timing advance adjustment range accommodates 
stock to highly modified engines. Features digitally set RPM Limit 
(100 RPM Steps). Selectable multi-spark mode for quick starting 
and smooth cruise. Coil outputs protected against short circuits. 
Billet aluminum housing with black anodized finish. Easy plug-in 
installation supports all sensors including theft/security module.
VT No.  32-1014