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41mm FLST Style Complete Front End Assembly to fit XL 
models. Kits include the complete fork assembly kit, with the 
addition of the 5 piece chrome fork cover set, 7” headlamp and 
bracket, 16” chrome wheel, speedometer drive, chrome caliper, 
11.5” drilled disc, and fat kid style or FLST style fender. Kits 
available with a chrome caliper and polished or chrome lower 
1982-2003 Fat Kid Style Kit
24-2036  Kit with Chrome Lower Slider
1982-2003 FLST Style Kit
24-2035  Kit with Chrome Lower Slider
41 mm FL Glide Style Fork Kit for XL 
VT No.  Year 
24-0765 1982-2003 
24-0766 1982-2003 
24-1457  Cone Nut
Glide Fork 
Single 11
Disc Style 
Chrome Lower Tree Cover covers area 
on lower tree below headlamp.
VT No. 31-9991
Dual 10” Disc Style 
Fat Kid 
The V-Twin
 Fork Assembly is shipped complete with axle, axle nut, spacer, 
top nut, bearings, cone nut, dust cover, triple trees and fork tubes & sliders. 
Fork tubes and sliders are fully assembled with internals. Final assembly of the 
remaining components is done by the dealer. Every leg assembly is shipped 
dry. We recommend use of the appropriate fork oil such as Type B. The 
amount of fork oil to add varies by model. A FX will need about 6 oz per leg, a 
FL will need about 8.5 oz per leg and a FXWG need about 10 oz per leg. Due 
to oil cling, dry for leg needs about 1 oz more to fill than a drained leg would 
41 mm Fat 
Kid Style Fork 
Assemblies Only

Include chrome top 
tree, black lower 
tree with polished or 
chrome lower slid-
ers assembled with 
hard chrome fork 
tubes and axle kit. 
41mm Glide Fork Assemblies for 1952-up XL models. 
Feature wide style with chrome triple trees, polished or chrome 
lower sliders, hard chrome fork tubes, axle, neck bearings, top 
cone and stem nut, pinch bolts and bearing dust covers. Fork 
is 31” overall length. Single disc units accept 11.5” brake rotors, 
dual rotors type uses two 10” brake rotors. All units require Big 
Twin WG front wheels. Also available as complete kits with 21” 
wheels and black or chrome calipers, brake rotors and brake 
disc bolts. Order neck cup set 24-0157 for 1952-78 models. 
Units do not include provision for fork lock. Single disc models 
accept 36-0803 speedo drive, dual disc models accept 36-0547 
speedo drive kit.
1952-81 Fork Assemblies.
VT No.  Type 
24-0759 11.5” Single 
Polish Slider
24-0761 10” Dual Chrome Slider
1952-81 Fork/Wheel Assemblies.
These assemblies include 21” chrome wheel, chrome caliper(s) 
drilled disc brake disc(s) and brake disc bolts.
24-2023 11.5” Single 
Chrome Slider
24-2024 10” Dual Chrome Slider
1982-03 Fork Assemblies.
 11.5” Single 
Polished Slider
24-0041 11.5” Single 
Chrome Slider
24-0042 10” Dual Polished Slider
24-0043 10” Dual Chrome Slider
1982-03 Fork/Wheel Assemblies.
These include 21” chrome wheel, chrome caliper(s), drill disc 
brake disc(s) and brake disc bolts.
24-2025 11.5” Single 
Chrome Slider
24-2026 10” Dual Chrome Slider