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Chrome Primary Cover Kits for 1971-83 XLH-XLCH models. 
Kits include chrome die cast outer primary cover with bearing 
installed, inspection cover, clutch adjuster cover, gasket and 
chrome allen screw set.
VT No.  Years 
43-0237 1971-76 Generator
43-0238 1977-83 Generator
43-0254 1984-85 Alternator
12-0318  1977-78 XL Needle Bearing for outer primary cover
12-0395  1967-75 XL Needle Bearing for outer primary cover
1971-85 Primary Cover Kit
XLH-XLCH Outer Primary Covers available as cover only. 
VT No. 43-0328 fits Iron Head models with alternator in clutch 
VT No.   OEM 
Finish   Fits
43-0227  34949-75A Chrome  1977-83
43-0105  34949-75A  Polish     1977-83
43-0328  25430-84  Chrome 1984-85
43-0225  34949-71  Polish   1971-76
43-0226  34949-71  Chrome 1971-76
Primary Cover Inserts fea-
ture adhesive back. Fits 1971-
 VT No. 48-1985
Primary Cover Chrome Caps for 1971-84. Available as sets 
or each, in stock, slotted or hex design.
Inserts for 1971-76 Primary are 
chrome steel with double-stick 
adhesive strip to fit in recess in 
aluminum primary cover, sold each. 
VT No. 42-0609
Hex Type
Stock Type
Primary Cover is con-
structed of stamped 
steel. Inspection cover 
included. Replaces 
34949-64. Fits 1958-69 
VT No. 42-0700
1971-85 Dress Up Kit
V-Twin Dress Up Chrome Engine Dress Up Kits for XL’s.
1971-83 type kits
 include primary cover with plugs, sprocket/kicker 
cover and cam cover trim. Chrome hardware is included to facilitate 
assembly. Rocker boxes are not included.
VT  No.  Years 
Model Starter
43-0310 1971-76 XLCH Kick
43-0311  1971-76  XLH  Kick and Electric
43-0312 1977-78 XLCH Kick
43-0313  1977-78  XLH  Kick and Electric
43-0317  1979 
XLH  Kick and Electric
43-0314 1980 
XLH  Electric
43-0315 1981-82 XLH  Electric
43-0318  1984-85  XLH  Electric with Alternator
12-0318  1977-78  XLH Needle Bearing for outer primary cover
12-0395  1967-75  XLH Needle Bearing for outer primary cover
Inspection Plugs
Die Cast Primary Covers are manufactured from a casting process. It is the nature of parts pro-
duced from this process to have small random subsurface imperfections that can be uncovered 
during the polishing process. These may appear as very small cosmetic imperfections after 
chrome plating. We also do not polish in areas that are not readily visible once assembled on 
the motorcycle or by polishing machines such as small depressions or tight corners. As these 
conditions are common in polished and chrome-plated castings, a reasonable standard of 
acceptability has been established to bring you the highest quality product at an affordable price. 
This part meets Perma-Chrome
 cosmetic standard. The aforementioned cosmetic conditions 
are considered reasonable for this part and are not considered warrantable.
1952-70 Chrome Stock Style.
Set  Each Fits
37-0451  Filler, Alloy
37-0452  Filler, Chrome
1971-76 Hex Type.
Filler Cap and Clutch Adjuster
7600-4  Filler Cap
7600-4T  Filler Cap
2559-1 Filler
Filler Cap and Clutch Adjuster
7601-2  Clutch Adjuster
7601-2T  Clutch Adjuster
2557-1  Clutch Adjuster
2879-1  Filler Cap and Clutch Adjuster
1971-76 Chrome Stock Style.
Set  Each Fits
37-0050      — 
Filler and Clutch Adjuster
37-7176      — 
37-7276      — 
Set, Polished
37-7376      — 
Set, Chrome
1977-84 Hex Type
37-8989     — 
Filler Cap and Clutch Adjuster
7809-2T  Filler Cap and Clutch Adjuster
7809-2  Filler Cap and Clutch Adjuster
1977-84 Chrome Stock Style.
37-7784      — 
Filler and Clutch Adjuster