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The Bobber Replica 
The “Bobber” style was perhaps the first mainstream customized 
motorcycle following the motorcycle’s evolution from utilitarian 
form of transportation to a vehicle used for recreation. From the 
Harley–Davidson ‘Shop Dope’ , Nov. 16, 1937: “Suggestions for 
preparing 1937 & 1938 ‘WLDR’ model motorcycles for long- dis-
tance racing such as 200-mile race at Daytona, Florida. Remove 
headlight, horn, muffler, speedometer, front mudguard, and rear 
half of rear mudguard. (Some riders make up short narrow front 
fender for sand kicked up by the front wheel.).” There are an 
additional 12 points concerning the turning & preparation of the 
motorcycle for racing, you can see the beginning of the bobber 
style. It wasn’t a big step for racing enthusiasts to copy the racers 
of the day, strip off all unnecessary parts from there stock bikes to 
reduce weight and make them at least look fast and lean. This was 
the birth of the “Bobber”, a styling cue named for the ‘bob tailed’ 
rear fender and based more upon what’s not there, a minimalist 
form- follows function exercise. Plus it was a financially economical 
look; any kid from the early 1950’s could buy a beat up or army 
surplus motorcycle for a few bucks, take off the some sheet metal 
and the muffler and have a hot rod. Add a fancy paint job and 
you have custom motorcycles to go along with the chopped and 
channeled hot rod cars of the day. ‘Speed’ lines borrowed from the 
art deco era & graphic embellishments like scallops made them all 
look like they were going 100 mph whole standing still. Scallops 
got longer and evolved into flames. Bobbers eventually evolved 
into choppers, where frames were chopped & raked to accom-
modate extended front ends, everything got chromed, and the 
motorcycles were customized from the frame out. But the Bobber 
was where it all started.
Tedd Cycle 
first use in 
Big Twin Weld-On Hardtails fit to stock frames for 1958-85.
VT No.  Drive   
51-0920 Replica Chain 
51-0781 Replica Drum
51-0457 Replica Assembly
51-0823 Replica  
Rear Section
51-0827 Knuckle Rigid  
Rear Section
51-0068 Forging Number Set