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V-Twin Replica Knucklehead Frame
Replica Frames with accoutrements as shown on detailed areas make this the premier frame in the industry.
Forged Neck yields the hallmark look of this 
replica, which will accept a neck lock and glide 
damper stud. Top engine mount has key hole 
slot which is the 1953-57 type. Spark and 
throttle cable mount tabs are also provided.
Steel Parts deliver full strength and exact 
detail in front engine and side car lugs.
Over 8,000 
Served since 1995!
Rear Engine and Front Transmission 
is of forged steel, with bushing 
installed. Transmission mounts incorporate 
a formed reinforcement strap to connect the 
two tier support strap assembly, all of which is 
constructed accurately of blanked and formed 
1936-40 Neck 
has original 
forge mark!
Brazed Joints