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V-Twin Replica Motorcycle Kit
V-Twin Replica Knucklehead 
This machine is recreated with the original Bobber 
styling of the late 1940’s, utilizing the full range of 
V-Twin Replica Parts. Engine details include cast 
motor case with relay and number boss, but rein-
forced at cylinder base area for added strength. 
Knuckleheads are replicated from ductile cast iron 
with accurately formed valve cover set and plumb-
er style manifold. Foot Shift model includes hand-
shift gate and handle for decoration only. Other 
components in assembly include:
• 29° V-Twin Replica frame
• Replica Knuckle Tanks
• Chopper Solo Seat
• 16” Rear and 18” Front Wheel
• Chrome Stock Inline Spring Fork
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Original Styling!
Want a really different 
How about Stock?
We’ve done your homework on this one!
•   V-Twin Replica Motorcycle Kits are equipped 
  with all the necessary parts except gas, oil  
  and battery electrolyte! 
• All components used throughout the assembly  
  have been selected for each particular year of  
•  Engine is completely assembled pre-run and  
  tested for oil pressure
• Transmission completely assembled
•  Wheels, laced and trued in our facility with   
  bearings pre-set
Replica Bobber  Type 
55-5013  55-5009 Handshift  Chrome
55-5014  55-5010 Handshift  Resto
55-5016  55-5011 Footshift  Chrome
55-5017  55-5012 Footshift  Resto
55-3637 Handshift  Resto
Green Bobber Kit. 
VT No. 55-1939