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Super Allen Screw Sets include bowl air cleaner 
and cover screws in chrome. Fits Super E & G.
VT No. 37-9106
OKO Carburetor has 1⁷⁄₈” bore. Performance carburetor will accept S&S jets, and S&S bolt pattern air filter assemblies. This 
shorty carburetor has a relocated accelerator pump nozzle for increased throttle response, and thunder jets bolt on type. 
VT No.   Finish
35-0994 Black
35-0991 Natural
35-1012 Natural Kit
Adjustable Main Jets for S&S (C) fits in 
float bowl drain plug below main metering 
jet. The recommended main jet is 100 to 
104. Fits Super ‘B’ only.
VT No. 
#  Item
35-9168  A  Jet Tool Install/Remove  
Jet on B & E carburetors 
35-0370  B  Main Jet
Black Thunderjet fits S&S G 
and D carburetors for larger 
VT No. 35-0179
Shorty Carb
OKO Carb Shorty Kit fits 1993-07 FXD, FX, FLH. Kit includes 
a chrome billet carburetor bracket kit, which features an inte-
gral breather passage to air intake, and a natural OKO perfor-
mance shorty carburetor. Integral carburetor support includes 
breather bolts for Evolution and TC-88 models, 1/2" and 3/8" 
sizes. Support bracket accepts all CV pattern air cleaners. 
Note: Dual cable operation. 
VT No. 35-0870
S&S ‘E’ Rebuild Kits & Replacement Parts. Rebuild kits 
contain all the parts necessary for a complete overhaul.
VT No.  Fits
35-0850  Super ‘E’ Body Kit VT
35-0966 Accelerator Rebuild Only, Super ‘E’ & ‘G’ V-Twin
35-9355 Sifton Super ‘E’ Rebuild
35-9189 Super ‘E’ Float VT
35-0849 360° Carburetor Fuel Inlet
15-0319 Float Bowl Gasket Only
35-0234  Needle and Seat Super ‘E’ & ‘G’
35-0970 Needle and Seat Super ‘E’
35-0978 Needle Only
35-0924 Needle Seat with elbow
35-0235  ¹⁄₄” Insulator Block, 1⁷⁄₈” Carburetors
35-0258  ¹⁄₄” Insulator Block, 2¹⁄₁₆” Carburetors
35-0102 Intake Manifold, for all S&S B & E 1-7/8" Carb
Polished Carburetor Air Intake Snoot constructed of cast 
aluminum with a polished finish for S&S and shorty carburetor 
applications. Includes the carburetor air snoot door. *NOTE: 
Carburetor will still require a support bracket or breather-bracket 
combination. Fits1988-2006 XL and 1993-06 FX.
VT No. 34-1403
SU Carburetor Replacement Parts 
VT No.   Application 
 8 oz piston return spring (silver) 
35-4556  12 oz piston return spring (green)