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Sifton Breather Canister features enclosed breather filter and 
tube for attaching to breather cross over lines, which is held in 
place by set screws. Bottom cover is removable for cleaning.
VT No.   Item
40-0449  Breather Tube Kit
40-0450  Tube Only
Breather Canister
Chrome Billet Single Breather Canister fits 
cross over metal tubes. Grind down ferrule on 
end of cross tube to install.
VT No. 40-0345
Chrome Billet Canister Set includes bolts for Evolution and 
Twin Cam applications.
VT No. 40-0346
Sifton Dual Breather Kit includes 
two canisters and banjo tubes with 
hardware for Evolution and Twin 
Cam. Fits 1992-17 FXST, FLST, 
FXD and 1992-94 FXR.
VT No. 40-0451
40-0346 installed on 34-1174
Chrome Mini Breather Set includes 
tie wraps.
VT No. 40-0588
Sifton Dual Breather Kit 
includes two canisters, banjo 
tubes and bolts for Evolution 
and Twin Cam applications. 
Fits 1992-17 FXST, FLST, FXD 
and 1992-94 FXR.
VT No. 40-0436
Sifton Dual Canister Set includes 
hardware for both Evolution and 
Twin Cam models. Fits 1992-17 
FXST, FLST, FXD and 1992-94 
VT No. 40-0452
Breather Canister Kit for Twin Cam mod-
els. Fits 1999-17 FX-FL.
VT No. 40-0892
Crankcase Breather and Bracket Kit allows installation of 
aftermarket CV type air cleaner on models with CV carb or EFI 
system. Includes bracket, filter, hose and mounting hardware.
VT No.  Fits
  1993-2015 FXST, FLST
1993-17 FXD (Includes Evo bolts)
35-0125  1999-15 FXST, FLST
1999-17 FXD (Includes Twin Cam breather bolts only)
35-0698  2016-17 FXST, FLST
40-0350  Filter for Above
Sifton Dual Vent Kit includes two 
vent canisters and banjo bolts for 
1992-17 Evo and Twin Cam mod-
els with necessary fittings.
VT No. 35-0441
Breather and Bracket Kit
V-Twin Mfg. supplied components for every aftermar-
ket motorcycle company who sprung up due to the 
shortage of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Startups 
• Big Dog (1994-2011)
• Excelsior-Henderson
• Ultra
• American Iron Horse (1995-2008)
• Confederate 
• Gilroy Indian Co. (1999-2003)
• Orange County Choppers
• California CMC (1993-97)
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