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Ignition Controller
Important Note:
 Some items on this page may be emission-related parts subject to California or other emission control laws. Please see 
note for important information regarding emission control regulatory compliance and warranty information.
Twin Tuner II features all the same function as the original Twin 
Tuner and includes ignition timing control capability. Easily adjust 
the OEM fuel injection controller and ignition to math the require-
ments of performance parts. Allows the use of the up and down 
buttons to make fuel trim adjustment and the valve is displayed 
on LED board also has advanced mode that will allow the tuner 
to make precise adjustment to each cylinder. Requires optional 
USB interface cable VT No. 32-3045 compatible with Twin Scan 
II Tuning Aid VT No. 16-0378.
VT No.   Fits
32-3042  2001-2011 FXST, FLST, FXD with 36 pin Delphi
32-3043  2012-up FXST, FLST, FXE with CAN Data Bus.
32-3044  2008-13 FLT with 73 pin Delphi
32-3050  2014-up FLT w/ CAN Bus.
32-3045  Optional USB Interface Cable
Twin Tec TCFI Fuel Injection Kit for 2001-11 TC-88 with Delphi 
Fuel Injection System includes plug in fuel injection controller, 
PC link, interface cable, Wego wide band exhaust gas oxygen 
sensor and weld nut for exhaust pipe. The TCFI solves tuning 
problems with highly modified engines. Features a fully program-
mable plug in replacement for Delphi Controller which allows 
programming of advance curves, idle air control including idle 
RPM and cold start characteristics. The TCFI communicates 
diagnostic information by blinking codes on the check engine 
LED. The unit also has built in data logging that stores data for 
the last 15 minutes of operation. Fits all 2001-up.
*Note Oxygen sensor must be installed in rear exhaust pipe.
VT No.    
*Note: Same features as 32-1016 with the addition of extended 
data logging and diagnostics.
Twin Tuner Fuel Injection Controller for 2008-up EFI mod-
els. Features include increased horsepower, improved throttle 
response, easy plug-in installation and setup; can be used 
with Dynojet Power Commander Maps and is compatible with 
Twin Scan II service tool VT No. 16-0378. The Twin Tuner 
allows you to easily adjust your fuel injection to match the 
requirements of performance parts. You can add or subtract 
fuel by using the mode and up/down push button switches.
VT No.   Fits
2008-13 FLT with 73 pin Delphi EFI
32-3039 2001-11 FXST, FLST, FXD with 36 pin Delphi EFI
32-3040 2012-up FXST, FLST, FXD
32-3041 2011 FXST
32-3046 2001-08 FXST, FLST, FXD w/36 pin 
Dephi EFI 50 State Street Legal
ARB E.O. No. D-641
32-3049 2014-16 FLT w/CAN bus
Daytona Twin Tec TCFI Gen 5 Auto Tune Fuel Injection 
Controller is fully programmable plug in replacement for the 36 
pin controller with CAN data bus.
• Continuously auto-tunes fuel curves for front and rear cylin-
ders under actual riding conditions with WEGO IIID dual chan-
nel wide-band oxygen sensor interface.
• Robust alpha-N (throttle position and RPM based fuel control 
eliminates problems with long duration/high overlap camshafts.
• Extended data logging and diagnostics. DataFLASH memory 
stores full 60 minutes of operating data at 10 samples/second.
• Powerful Windows software for custom programming and 
extending data logging and diagnostics.
• The TCFI solves tuning problems with highly modified 
engines. High-end automotive racing application use ALPHA-N 
(throttle position and RPM based) fuel control. ALPHA-N elimi-
nates any dependence on manifold pressure and if unaffected 
by long duration/high overlap camshafts. The TCFI bring this 
prove technology to the market places. 
• Idle air control including idle RPM and cold start characteris-
tics are fully programmable. This facilitates the use of aftermar-
ket throttle bodies with higher air flow.
• Includes TCFI Gen 5 fuel injection controller, USB inter-
face for PC link, WEGO IIId dual channel wide-band exhaust 
gas oxygen sensor interface, two Bosch LSU 4.2 wide-band 
exhaust gas oxygen sensors, and two 18 x 1.5mm weld nuts 
for the exhaust pipe. 
Fits 2012-up FXST, FLST, 2012-17 FXD.
VT No. 32-7402
Daytona Twin Tec