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Daytona Twin Tec TCFI Gen 4 Auto Tune Fuel Injection 
 is fully programmable plug in replacement for the 
36 pin Delphi controller with J1850 data bus. 
• Quickly auto-tune fuel curves for front and rear cylinder on a 
dyno or on-road with new WEGO IID dual channel wide band 
oxygen sensor interface.
• Fully programmable plug-in for 36 pin Delphi® controller with 
J1850 data bus.
• Powerful Windows software for custom programming and 
data analysis
• Full support J1850 data bus used for communications with 
turn signal/security module (TSM/TSSM) and instrument clus-
• Support for new 6th gear indicator.
• Extended data logging and diagnostics. DataFLASH memory 
stores full 60 minutes of operating data at 10 samples/second.
• Programmable user input and output.
• Billet aluminum housing with black anodized finish
• Easy plug-in installation
• Supports all sensors including theft/security module
Includes TCFI Gen 4 plug-in fuel injection controller with billet 
aluminum housing with black finish, dual channel wide band 
exhaust gas oxygen sensor interface, two Bosch LSU 4.2 
wide band exhaust gas oxygen sensors, and two 18 x 1.5mm 
weld nuts for exhaust pipes. Quickly auto-tune fuel curves 
for front and rear cylinders on a dyno or on-road. The robust 
alpha-N fuel control eliminates problems with long duration/
high overlap camshafts. Windows software provides custom 
programming and data analysis. Its full support for J1850 data 
bus used for communications with turn signal/security module 
and instrument cluster. Fits 2001-11 FXST, FLST, FXD, FLT 
*Note: Not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehi-
VT No. 32-7400
TCFI Gen 6 Fuel Injection Controller for 2008-13 Harley-Da-
vidson® Touring Models with Electronic Control Throttle Control
• Fully programmable plug-in replacement for 73 pin Delphi® 
controller with J1850 data bus used on 2008-13 touring models 
with electronic throttle control.
• Quickly auto-tune fuel curves for front and rear cylinders on a 
dyno or on-road with new WEGO IIID dual channel wide-band 
oxygen sensor interface.
• Support for gear indication on accessory speedometers
• Powerful Windows software for custom programming and data 
• Extended data logging and diagnostics. Data FLASH memory 
store full 60 minutes of operating data at 10 samples/second
• Programmable user input for function such as two stage RPM 
limiter, nitrous retard, and shift kill input and output.
• Programmable user out put of function such as shaft light, 
nitrous activation, and electric shifter
• Billet aluminum housing with black anodized finish
• Easy plug-in installation.
VT No. 32-3052
Twin Tec External Plug In 8 Pin 
Ignition for 1995-98 Evo Big Twin 
features 4 rotary switches used to 
set the operating modes such as 
single or dual fire, adjust the timing, 
advance and select RPM limit. Two 
diagnostic LED’s indicate status and 
start of the VOES switch. The status 
LED is also used for static timing as 
it will flash when the engine reaches 
top dead center.
VT No.  32-1007
Daytona Twin Tec
TBW System
Note: CAN bus system
For Harley-Davidson models, pre-2011, 2012 use analog sig-
nal, 2012-up using digital signal. CAN bus system is based 
on the digital signal. Analog signal runs by wire, so each com-
mands need wire to connect. For digital signals, each com-
mand goes to ECM, and ECM gives the proper reaction. This 
is the basic idea, the real situation is more complicated.