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Accel Spark Plug Set is 
U-Groove features a U-shaped 
electrode, sintered alumina 
insulator and a copper/nickel 
alloy electrode. Gap is .040. 
Fits 1975-81 FL-FX Evo.
VT  No.   32-0144
Spark Plug
Autolite Platinum Plugs.
VT No.  Autolite#     Fits
  AP4265DP2  1984-98 1340cc V-2 Evolution
32-9232  AP4164DP2  1999-up TC-88, 1999-up FXST, FLST,
   FXD, 1999-16 FLT
Autolite Standard Spark Plugs
10 Pack  Pair 
Autolite#  H-D# 
32-9295     — 
1999-up TC-88
1999-16 FLT, FXST,
32-9297  32-9298  4265 
1984-98 All V-2  
Champion Copper Plus. Sold in 4 pack unless noted. Spark 
Plug gap measures .040.
Copper Plus
VT No.  Engine Fits 
HD#  Champion
32-7547 TC-88  1999-17 FXST, FLST, 6R12  RA8HC
1999-16 FLT
32-7540 Evo 
1984-98 FL Evo   
5R6A  RN12YC
1985-98 FX Evo
1984 FXR
32-0160 Shop Pack of 24 
V-Twin Performance Spark Plugs features a copper core 
electrode for a longer service life, nickel plated housing, 95% 
pure alumina insulator and a heat crimping process to ensure 
a leak free seal.
VT No.  Fits 
32-6691  1999-17 Twin Cam; FXST, FLST, FXD  6R12
1999-16 FLT
32-6692  1984-98 Evolution 
32-6693  As Above One Heat Range Hotter
32-6694  As Above One Heat Range Colder
Single Fire: Just the spark plug for the piston that is in its compression stroke 
will be fired.
Single Plug: One spark plug in each head. Total of 2 spark plugs in one engine. 
Dual Plug: Two spark plugs in each head. Total of 4 spark plugs in one engine.
Blue Lightning Bug Spark Plugs 
are neon gas filled and glow as 
strobe lights. Fit plugs with screw 
terminal fittings only, sold in pair. 
VT No. 32-1552
Chrome Head and Spark Plug Cover fits 1986-99 Evolution 
models. Covers are held in place by rubber inserts supplied.
VT No. 42-0929
Sparkies are chrome die cast cov-
ers to fit perfectly on a spark hex for 
Big Twin 14mm, pair.
VT No.   Years
32-1670  1999-2012
Chrome Covers
Chrome Big Twin Case Trim fits Evolution 
1985-99 1340 Big Twin by mounting to 
center case stud. To install adjust stud 
length for more length on left side, then 
press emblem over nut and attach by 
chrome acorn nut which is supplied.
VT No. 42-0746
Spark Plug Cover
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