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Monster Drag Pipe
30-0551 Installed
30-0552 Installed
30-0556 Installed
Black Billet Tapered Tips for 2¹⁄₄” pipes.
VT No. 30-0799 
Wyatt Gatling Monster Drag Pipes feature 2¹⁄₄” outside diam-
eter and mount to stock brackets. Fits 1986-06 Softail models. 
Order baffles separately. Black end cap fits straight cut end 
pipes, by drilling ¹⁄₄” mount hole. Order 30-0452 end caps sep-
VT No. 
30-0551*  Straight Cut
30-0552  Down Slash, Shorty
30-0578  Down Slash, Longs
30-0556  Side Cut
30-0579  Side Slash, Shorty
31-0016 Bracket
*Note: Does not include mounting hardware.
Important Note:
 Some items on this page may be emission-related parts subject to California or other emission control laws. Please 
see note for important information regarding emission control regulatory compliance and warranty information.
2” Side Sweeper Exhaust Pipes fit 5 and 
6-Speed 1986-17 FXST models without foot-
boards. Pipes have oxygen sensor ports with 
plugs which can be removed for 2007-17 
models to install sensors.
VT No. 30-0792
Wyatt Gatling Exhaust Sets feature “Quad Finishing” 
which includes triple dura nickel and chrome as the final 
finish. After chrome plating, pipes are normalized and dried 
@572° F for the final finish process.
Vance & Hines Black Short Shots feature 1³⁄₄” header pipes 
with full coverage 220° heat shields that run all the way back 
to the end caps. Includes removable baffles and mounting 
hardware. Available in black. Fits 2012-17 Softail Slash cut.
Note: Will not fit models with kickstart.
VT No. 30-1599