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2” Exhaust
Pirate 2” Curve Pipe Set fits 1986-06 Softail/Evolution and 
VT No. 30-0320
30-0295 Installed
Note: Wyatt Gatling Exhaust Set features “Quad Finishing” 
which includes triple dura nickel and chrome as the final 
finish. After chrome plating, pipes are normalized and dried 
@572°F for the final finish process.
Chrome Wyatt Gatling Pipe Set features full curve with 2” 
outside diameter for Softail models in Rigid or Softail frame. 
Bracket included. Fits 1984-06. 
VT No. 30-0295
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Chrome 2 into 1 Heat 
Shield Set.
 Fits 1986-99 
FLST when an early FL 
look is desired. 
VT No. 30-0334
2 into 1 Exhaust
VT No.  Type 
29-1154 Pipe Set Only  1987-99
True Dual Chrome Exhaust Systems feature a single pipe 
for each side. Each pipe is independent and has 1³⁄₄” outside 
diameter. The rear pipe is for the left, and the front pipe is for 
the right without intersection.
VT No. 
29-1169  1995-99 FXST-FLST
29-1190  2000-06 FXST-FLST
31-0815  Bracket, Each
29-1169 Installed
29-1169 Crossover Set (left)
ST True Dual’s
Custom Exhaust Donut  is used to create custom exhaust 
systems. The full 360° bends allows for just the right angle cut. 
Sold as each.
VT No.  Size 
30-0002 1³⁄₄”  
1⁷⁄₈” 5¹⁄₄”
30-0003 2” 
2¹⁄₈” 6”
FLST-FXST Fishtail Dual 
Exhaust Kit
 by Paughco fits 
all 1995-up models. Available 
with Fishtail ends only with 
or without mufflers. Complete 
with clamps and mounting 
hardware. Includes shift rod 
where required. 1³⁄₄” outside 
diameter use with 30-0293 heat 
shield set.