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Big Twin Clutch Pack
Complete Clutch Pack fits 2011-17 
FLST, FXST, FXD and 2011-12 FLT. 
Kit includes clutch hub, thrust washer, 
spring washer and retaining ring, clutch 
spring seat, spring damper spring seat, 
damper spring, release place, internal 
retaining rings, double row ball bearing, 
clutch pressure plate, 8 clutch plates, 
and 9 friction plate kit. 
VT No 18-0595
Barnett Scorpion Clutch Kit features 
over twice as much friction surface 
area compared to stock clutch. All 
Scorpion Clutches provide a positive 
engagement and release. Scorpion 
clutches incorporate 6 heavy duty coil 
springs. In addition, an extra spring set 
with a different spring rate is included 
which allows the clutch to be tuned for street or race application 
depending on usage. Tunability is easy without removal of the 
primary cover. Barnett Friction Plates are compatible with any 
primary oil. Each kit is designed to be used with stock type 
clutch basket.
VT No.  Year
1986-89 Big Twin
18-3853 2007-09 FXST, FLST, FLT; 2006-09 FXD
York Posilock Clutch Kit fits 
1998-2006 Big Twin featuring posi-
tive engaging ball ramp activation.
VT No. 18-0780
Pro-Lock Clutch Kit features a positive engaging ball ramp 
activation system, this applies extra pressure to the clutch 
plates and prevents clutch slippage without any increase on 
the lever pull effort by changing the fulcrum point. 
Fits straight into the stock clutch basket and behind the stock 
primary cover. Replaces stock pressure plate, diaphragm 
spring and spring retainer. Great for seriously tuned engines 
or wide tire conversions. 
*Note: Applies extra pressure to 
the clutch plates and prevents clutch slippage without any 
increase on the lever pull effort by changing the fulcrum 
point. Fits 1998-17 FXST, FLST and 1998-16 FLT.
VT No. 18-0002
York Pro-Clutch
York Pro-Clutch converts old style clutch packs to smooth modern 
diaphragm spring function. Available for early chain or belt drive with 
wet or dry clutch. Kit includes clutch hub with bearing, clutch discs (fric-
tion and steel), diaphragm spring, spring retainer, pressure plate and 
four shoulder bolts. 1984-up kits utilize existing clutch basket, supplies 
a clutch hub to allow use of clutch plates that increase surface area by 
100% to reduce slipping.
VT No.  Year 
20-0549  1984-89 Big Twin Chain
20-0550  1990-97 Big Twin Chain
20-0580  1998-06 Big Twin Chain
16-0310  Puller Tool
20-2051  Chrome Pressure Plate
Replacement Friction/Steel Sets 
VT No.  Fits
Special application for chain or belt drive
18-0544 20-0549, 1984-89 Chain
18-0545 20-0550, 1990-97 Chain
Chrome Billet Clutch Pressure 
 fits BDL 4 Bolt Style.
VT No. 20-2051
BDL Competitor Clutch Kit features 
9 springs and shoulder bolts for simple 
adjustment, large 40mm double row 
hub bearing, polished pressure plate 
and Kevlar clutch.
VT No.  Fits
  1990-97 Evolution Big Twin with Chain Primary Drive 
Replacement Friction/Steel Sets for Above 
VT No.  Fits